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DAZEEEEEEEZ AMB – – veteran graffiti writer hailing from Borough Park (if I am not mistaken), Brooklyn. This brother put in some work but I am not sure if he’s still at large.


If you’re not going bombing, check out this fresh gallery featuring work by MS ACC, ASK ACC, FATAL NFO, BYE FUCK, DINK PBS, TRES AA, ROZ, FUBS, ERA U2K, EVER NVA, PAPO DTF, TRAP IF, DOVER BF, BUG AAW, DR AA, CEEK 333, DATE RTB, BOSE FOD, DAZE AFB, DUNE FUK, CASIO 182, LEO DIS, FRAY KILLEM, SPADE FOX, TAIN BHK, FRITZ NAK, BADE NAK, and JUNE ACC.  Enjoy the snow!